I'll do that for you, Adam.

Use the tools found at your left.

Amanda is a friend of mine.

We must not speak ill of others behind their backs.

Don't start doing that.

It is preferable that he gets there by tomorrow.


Sharon would never say that.

Victor fluctuates between having an exaggerated sense of her own importance and an inferiority complex.

I don't think we should leave Laurent here by himself.

Stay away from the dangerous neighborhoods.

I just need a couple of aspirin.

For some reason the message text was corrupted, so I restored it before reading.

If not for "if" and "however", I would say amen to everything.

The house always wins.

All of us stood up.

Will you meet our demands?

It is not good wishing.

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I wouldn't like to work in a hospital.

He dug a hole in the sand.

I guess I'm well adjusted.

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She was a girl with golden hair.

Srivatsan has a remarkable memory.

I don't like seeming pessimistic, but John's a total basket case. He's not just useless either. He's lost his mind!

He will keep us informed.

I have one last piece of advice related to handshakes: Don't forget to smile.

I can try it.

He doesn't appreciate favors.


It's important for children to learn good table manners.

Trey had no idea why.

I asked for her.

I am writing a draft of the speech.

We seemed secure of victory.

You go to the market.

Naomi has never done that to me.


I like the way you treat me.


That village is a great distance off.


Two o'clock would be OK.


Dan didn't even join the club.

Let me be the first to congratulate you.

I'm the mother of a son of a bitch.

Please don't sign the contract.

Rats! I've got to work overtime again.

You've got to wake up.

The servants' screams awakened everyone.

What a pity I don't have a garden.

Nothing scares him.


There's really no need for you to do that.

The lid of this box won't lift.

This happened a long time ago.

I'm about as qualified as Sam.

Pierette did not want to meet up with Saul in the city. Therefore, she canceled on him.


Please move on.

Laurence smells awful.

School is not a waste of time.

Eating slowly will help you feel more full.

That's realistic.

Jingbai isn't the shy boy he used to be.

Everyone. Listen up.

Konrad's face lit up when Hillel entered the room.

Varda wants to be a paramedic.

Robin says he only drinks one beer a day.

It was a shock, to be sure.

Isaac started playing the violin when he was thirteen.

Your courtesy is appreciated.

Good luck to both of you.

They are paid by the week.

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We hear the noise of the train during the night.

They won't hurt us.

He mentioned in passing that he intended to get married.


He is a better swimmer than I.


I hope they can reach a peaceful compromise.

Dori is tall.

I want this puppy.

Are you sure you locked the door?

That sight was seen, and I felt fear.


That happened just last week.


I'm not joking.

Please tidy up your bedroom.

Do you think it's going to rain tomorrow?

Saqib told me the whole story.

The mountain is about 3000 meters above sea level.

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I don't know if I've ever told you, but you have beautiful eyes.

His wife is in the hospital because she was injured in a car crash.

When it comes to cheese, it's Camembert. More than the taste, it makes me nostalgic.

I'm getting sent to Boston again.

They invited me to dinner.


I hate that you have to leave.


I'm trying to remedy the problem.

Some people like anger, because they think it suppresses their sexual impulse. Often, it's just the opposite.

Do you remember what she said?

Do you know whether or not Beckie likes cream in his coffee?

I was lucky to get this job.

Byron told Caroline he wasn't interested in helping her do anything.

Please fill out this form.


Charles downed his drink.

There are discrepancies.

Are you scared to tell them?

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Smokers die young.


I keep having flashbacks to the fire.

Suspicion is the poison of friendship.

The butter went bad.

What's important is not the goal, but the journey.

Come say "hi" to me!

Rudolph's parents were very impressed with Kevyn.

Clayton was threatened with a knife on the street at night by an unfamiliar man and robbed of his money.

Takeuchi doesn't know whether Keith is happy or not.

Did you change your clothes?


It's difficult to keep traditions in different contexts.

That was a broad hint.

I'm sorry to say this, but I need to put my foot down! I'm not a charity! Unless you can solidly convince me that the devotion of my time to you is truly worth my while, I'm through! I mean it this time.

My friend from university gave me a Kindle because he said he wasn't using it anymore. It's the DX model with a large screen. It's not easy to use, but the screen is indeed quite nice. It hadn't bothered me until now, but it's become hard for me to read something on a normal LCD screen.

She even tried to bribe him.

I chuckled.

What's the chemical symbol for hydrobromic acid?

Andy will never see you again.

He looks like a girl.


Have you finished doing your homework yet?

Can you see me?

Tinder is a popular online dating application.


I'll never be as cool as Erik.

Can we help you?

He is to come here at five.

The Van Horns are rich.

She said I am the one, but the kid is not my son.

Somebody is eating.

The future has many paths - choose wisely.


The clock is ten minutes slow.

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Surrender to the enemy.

A gentleman is a man of independent means.

It's a small shop.

It's exactly as you say it is.

You have friends who can help you, don't you?

She kissed me like anything.

Then the pen fell from my hand and I just listened.

Make sure you're here on time.

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that left a deep influence on cultural and intellectual life in the early modern era. Beginning in Italy, it reached the rest of Europe before the sixteenth century, and its influence extended to literature, philosophy, art, politics, science, religion, and other aspects of intellectual life.

See that you are ready to leave like that.

First, do no harm.

He is no match for his wife.

Stop calling me honey.

Let the party begin!

Money is human happiness in the abstract: he, then, who is no longer capable of enjoying human happiness in the concrete devotes his heart entirely to money.

One must eat to live, and not live to eat.

He is no gentleman.

If a triangle has two right angles, it's a square missing one side.

It's obvious Jianyun can't do it without some help.

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Just a little more patience.

Leila hasn't actually been to Boston yet.

He seems to have been rich in those days.

There's no sign of infection.

It was necessary that he say something, but no word came from his lips.

They feasted on lobster and steak.

A more convenient and detailed reference grammar, I have yet to meet.

France had signed a secret treaty with Spain.

I'm finished now.


Is this the first time you have tasted it?

Lorenzo ran to school.

No one seems to know them.

Hazel doesn't seem too busy.

He is my closest friend; we are like brothers.

In the summer I sweat a lot, and my armpits get smelly.

I believe the post you offer will give me the opportunity to improve my knowledge of the English language and my translating skills.

I'll do better next time, I'm sure.

Your replacement has already been chosen.

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I'm not ready to give up yet.

I ought to be scared, but I'm not.

I'm going to the lab.

I think I'll ask Francis to marry me.

You tie a knot in it and that's it.

Can you give me a house?

Barbie has blond hair and blue eyes.